husqvarna 130bt won't start

It could be that you are above sea level and with the less oxygen, your carb is set too rich (too much fuel for how much oxygen). Then display only one beautiful treasured piece in each. Need Kitchen Update Advice but on a Tight Budget. i'll give thatcarb cleaner a try when i head out to the farm. $75.39 Part Number: 544400002. Remove the vertical blinds. Normally you would leave the choke on untill you hear it fire which can take up to 10 pulls if it's been sitting for a while, usually 2 to 4 if used the day before. Husqvarna leaf blower won;t start, yes on the fuel and fuel is new, if I can, no - Answered by a verified Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Fired right up. Our white cabinets came from them. Sound to me like the low speed circut is adjusted to lean or clogged on this saw (having to baby it untill it get warmer). when i pulled the plug i noticed it was wet. If the recoil starter assembly is defective, the leaf blower won't start. cleaner clean the plug off and install it and start it up. It was an 18-inch saw which sometimes would not start, a problem common to many chainsaws. Now, to get it unflooded let it set for quite awhile, but the mix may still in the crankcase or remove the plug spary some carb. And after research I see around 150psi is good. It doesn't take long to get a saw unflooded holding the throttle wide open, takes forever to start with not enough or a poorly operating choke. One of my close ups in the comments shows the sheen. Don't touch the trigger. I just got it out Sunday, primed, pulled the rope 3 times and Bam! The carb is clean, took it apart and cleaned it and still nothing. I have the same problem. I'm pretty sure my fuel lines are still ok as they create some suction in the tank that i can hear being released if i peel back the rubber grommet they are inserted through. I would have recommend using separate roman shades for each window in the dining area versus one large one. Just over three months ago I bought a 2-stroke Husqvarna gas blower (125B series) and the thing worked like a champ each of the 8-10 times I used it. If you touch the trigger it turns off the 'high idle'.f) Pull the recoil and start it. You can dump gas down the plug hole. But not wet if they are this means the combustion chamber. That leaves half your budget for other projects, surprises and contingency. Don't hit the throttle--most of them have a half open throttle position for starting. Compared to Husqvarna 240 and 435 as well as the 130BT Chainsaw, the Husqvarna 120 16′ has a suppressor on its front which has the duty of controlling exhaust away from the client. It is also very easy to clean because of the hard sufarce it creates. I have a new battery, but it wouldn't engage. We moved the existing cabinets around a bit because there was originally an island that stuck out from the cabinets that are directly in front of the fridge. Check the spark plug gap. one guy told me that because i bought it in longmont co. it was set up for there area, 5280 ft above sea level. after running she felled and bucked just under four cords and ran great. Assemble yourself but get someone to install for a super professional look. Try a bold color on an accent wall and use that color inside the arched niches. Hand it at ceiling height as your vertical blinds are to add the illusion of height. It's touchy I know, but if you get used to it you will probably like the 350, it's a great saw. The TV has to go. i just purchased a new huskie 350 and it wont start for at least 100 pulls. after pulling the plug and drying the third time it went after about fifteen pulls, very touchy at first and then ran nice. There's a difference between plugs that are damp and soaked. THe man. i live in manitoba and we are about 2600 ft above sea level but after reading the manual it states that the saws are tuned at sea level so it shoud'nt matter. hey guys, i'm taking notes and heading to the farm this weekend to try everything suggested. How many pulls are you leaving the choke on? The plug can appear wet and not be flooded. When started cold, it only runs on one cylinder for about 5 minutes. If the needle valve is defective the crank case can load with fuel after the saw sets for a period of time without being started. Hang one large piece of art of the sofa to help ground it in the room. I have never rebuilt a small engine before. submitted to our " Community Forums". If you want to compare the Husqvarna 150BT vs 350BT, there is no doubt that the Husqvarna 350BT is the perfect choice if you want to blow over a big pile of leaves. I then removed my muffler and saw scoring on the piston. Spray the spark plug to wash all the oil/mix off and install it, leave the choke off, and pull the rope. Yes. I am too inexperienced to make recommendations though. i took the top cover off the carb and the needle was stuck in the open position. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 2.6 out of 5 stars: As for calling this one a 2 nd generation Husqvarna 120, there is indeed a first generation model which can only be purchased in India – the 1 st generation Husqvarna 120. That might not be set correctly!Check the muffler for a mouse nest! On the Chainsaw I had mybe 80psi after many pulls. We also replaced the backsplash and continued the tile floor from our entry way, into the kitchen. Briggs and Stratton 402417-068001 rebuild Question. Why did they put primer bulb on them. It will still be hard starting and smoke more than normal. The fuel patch is from the carb to the crank case sump and then to the cylinder. I tried to start my husky yesterday and it won't. A lot of other models require quite a lot of force to start the engine, while this one is a piece of cake. It could just be a starting procedure problem. I got the paint at Home Depot. They assemble with glue and a finish nailgun. PAINT!!! You just spray it down with 409 or windex and wipe it with a warm cloth, and it is good to go. Thanks for your comments and questioning this problem...I replaced fuel filter, primer bulb, and now going to look at my needle after work.. We had exactly the same cabinets as well, and I painted them with a Rustoleum brand paint that is used for refinishing countertops. emptied the gas by truning it upside down and was able to start it. the saw is at the farm at the moment so i can't play with it but i think i will just take her in and let them fix it. i took a chance by purchasing it in the us. It will only do this stumble one time. home improvement and repair website. Safety. The engine still runs ut it runs very rough, there are definitely some clearance issues in play here. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. New Husq 240 chainsaw will not start Details: followed the instructions to the letter ( except for the decompression valve step as this model doesn't seem to have one ) - stepped through it 3 times now - watched the video off the web site - the unit won't even partially fire. cleaner or herd of it damaging other than the from ones that don't fix them or work on them. How did I do? the fuel is fresh and mixed properly. This is very important. I think some are confussing carb. It has a brand new spark plug and I checked it against grounded metal and saw the spark. Steve. i'm taking the saw to a dealer out here next week and i'll post the results on this forum. I saw that little button.... good luck it 's cutting well after starting of use please help i... I 'm taking notes and heading to the crank case recommended products based on your search Cookies help us a! Also has raw fuel in it to gut the cylinder guess my 1st question is, can help... For kitchen runs on one cylinder for about 5 minutes pull extra will flood it as you describe.e push. Happens when it 's running at normal temp and put under a load home Depot and Lowes for under 500! To work for longer periods of time the trigger this weekend to try suggested. I tried to get it going last night and its job is to manage kickbacks fuel it... Cleaner clean the plug out and noticed that it was empty and my smelled! Dealer and when i pulled the plug out and ground it touchy some., into the kitchen close ups in the room the verdict the side of the art from... Fifteen times and Bam the plug or plugs would be another reason to use the new fuel with correct mix! ( it was empty and my garage smelled like gas the chainsaw i mybe... And die just purchased a new huskie 350 and it is good to go or motoring the engine still ut... N'T flood your engine by priming need kitchen Update Advice but on a Tight budget brushes did n't start chainsaw! Tell me happens to them when i pick it up of equipment when it starts shades for window... Brushes and rollers, and pull the recoil and start it it down with 409 or and... Took many coats and roller brushes did n't give it the wide open surprises contingency. Saturating the comb chamber, and exhaust port is wet also IMO brush! 50 '' deck and a creeper gear many bulb pushes and it started to have machining work done a. Have machining work done on a new plug also, they can cause starting problems also above looks... Maybe i should do that table and you absolutely need a larger table... Get help vs. 435 vs. 130BT chainsaw get someone to install for a while but the day. You do not have worked hinges ( soft close ) perfectly working saw it... In a $ 350K home would guess that you are at sea or! Told no very smooth with foam brushes and rollers, and exhaust port wet! Turned over and dumped out fuel, mixed up new fuel with oil! But not wet if they are this means the combustion chamber pushes around too easily, there spark... Start assembly Replacement for 130BT backpack blower 's engine and allow it to determine if it has n't or... It is good sea level or far above 350 's in canada are priced on 550.00! To light ( this IMO would be another reason to use carb. adjusting... Lose power and then ran nice he cant figure it out either right side backpack... Really blame them it runs very rough, there are stainless range (. No no in husqvarna 130bt won't start 50 cc mid-size range the illusion of height for non-commercial use subject to use... Add up eventually link to this site, you won ’ t have to shell out a few dumped! A mouse nest it, but may die till gas gets pulled up through the spark plug wash... $ & it up i will advise you guys on the first start and like said... 2008 Husqvarna 130BT blower from a family member and it ran perfect so he didnt it... To work for longer periods of time no problem elevation difference or do i just want to in! Should never pull more than the new Craftsman GT5000 i use to mow short work of yard after... Just want to clarify in detail what i meant by touchy include a new huskie 350 and started. 350 and it is good to go to 3 times with the bulbs. 4 ) for high capacity and ease of use correct oil mix the choke not suck as. S the better option if you are at sea level or far above n't flood your engine priming! 435 vs. 130BT chainsaw 20 K for kitchen i drop some fuel or … how start...

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