The end of day 3

They finished up Friday around 4pm and this is where it stands. Two days to go, it is all supposed to be finished Tuesday. They finished the second wall today and what’s left for next week is the top wall, stairs and the ends of the first two after they don’t need the path along the side anymore.

We’re also having them put top cap on next week and doing some remaining clean up like pulling up the remainder of the old asphalt slab.

It’s so fun to watch it all come together, now that we can see our vision it’s hard to not talk about what’s next. More on that later, let’s get this part done…

The pictures from Friday night and Saturday morning.

2013-09-13-0160 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0158 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0159 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0157 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0155 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0156 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0154 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0151 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0152 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0153 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0150 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0170 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0171 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0169 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0167 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0168 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0165 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0166 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0164 (Medium) 2013-09-14-0163 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0161 (Medium) 2013-09-13-0162 (Medium)

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