The end of day 2

We are really pleased with how this is coming out. The first of the three terraces is coming together and the first set of stairs is in.  The top cap goes on last which should really dress it all up and give it a nice finished look.

We got the drain fixed yesterday afternoon, they had to go straight down for a stretch to stay under the future walls.

The long term plan is to have grass on the first level, a patio on the second and the third up by the house will be garden etc.

I think the biggest win is how it feels when you pull up to the house now, you will be able to park right in front of the house and stairs.

All the fill removed from the driveway level and side yard is being pushed back behind the shop to level it out back there. A bigger, flatter side yard is one of the unexpected wins.

More to come, today should be a big day…2013-09-12-0148 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0149 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0147 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0145 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0146 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0143 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0144 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0142 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0140 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0141 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0137 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0138 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0135 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0136 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0134 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0132 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0133 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0131 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0129 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0130 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0128 (Medium) 2013-09-12-0127 (Medium)

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