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Dad spent the day hooking up the electrical panel and outlets… He got quite a bit more done than me… All I can claim is one little cabinet.

More cabinets

Rethinking a couple things. The microwave is gonna go below the cabinet now and the TV up top. I’ll put the the unneeded box by the mistaken fence.

Second coat.

Hard to tell from the picture but this is after a few hours of sanding and a little more painters putty. I hope this is the last coat but won’t know until the morning…

First coat

The inside has been sanded and the first coat sprayed on. I wasn’t thinking and sprayed the ceiling after the wall and now need to sand off some over spray. Lessons learned. On other fronts, we ordered a fantastic vent for the top and the breakers are on their way. …

Trim and primer.

Good progress today but everything still seems to take soooo long. The trim is done, Lorah is a wizard with the wood filler. We also got one coat of primer sprayed.


Not much to say other than a long day of putting up the walls and putting the lights back on..

Paint paint paint.

Rustoleum self etching primer on the bare aluminum followed by Martin Senour industrial gloss white with a 8oz  container of valspar enamel hardener per gallon. It took one gallon for the first coat. We’ll sand out the imperfections and give it one more coat. The HPLV sprayer makes pretty easy …

Windows, wheels, and walls

Lorah has been cleaning the windows. It’s not a very green process but oven cleaner followed by 0000 steel wool and vinegar seems to do the trick. We hope to finish the walls tomorrow  We’re gonna paint the inside with a laquer primer then enamel paint. Hopefully the HPLV sprayer …

More insulation

Coming out of hibernation to do a little work on the trailer. I do the cutting and Lorah does the taping. Its a tedious process but we want this thing to be a sub zero rv.

Started the insulation

1inch foam, foil on both sides. I’m not sure the tape is really necessary but it does hide some of the gaps. The insulation sits back in the wall about half an inch. I’m hoping the air gap helps with the insulating. This is taking a while, had I though …

Insulating the floor.

Temporarily removed some plywood to slide in 1inch foil backed foam insulation. This took a little longer than expected because the other trailer was full of stuff that had to go to the dump first.

Gutted and rebuilding

It’s a slow process. Cut out the rot and cut new wood to size. Originally it was made of 1×2 but we’re building it out with 2×2. We figure it will give it a little more strength and some rood for extra insulation. Here’s some picture after the fourth day …