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Now we are really off.

Gaven suggested the team go out for lunch and I hit the boat after. Lorah was done two hours ago. We are officially on vacation. Lots to pack and get finalized but we are on our way!

OOO, £&€

It’s all about the details now. I put my out of office message on early at work just in case and have pounds and euros waiting at the bank for us! 72 hours to take off!

“everything is in order”

This is what they said when I called Edinburgh this morning to check on the paperwork. It seems we really are getting married on September 5th at 2pm!

Napkins in my lunch

I think I told Lorah to remind me about commitments and plans we make because I can be a little forgetful sometimes….

Find the purple tile

So I was looking at the directions to our place in Italy. The directions end at “the purple tile”. Sounds more like an easter egg hunt than directions to me. I’m thinking this part of the trip will be quite an adventure.

A few loose ends…

We’ve got almost everything planned… and may leave Ireland to chance because we just can’t decide between all the cool places to go. (cork, galway, aran, dingle are on the list) The rental car is done and the last night in Dublin booked. The countdown is definately beginning, 2 weeks …

Name change

I thought this was cute… One thing a guy doesn’t have to worry about. I guess she’s going through with it since she’s practicing her new name!