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Just Us 2

Gutted and rebuilding

It’s a slow process. Cut out the rot and cut new wood to size. Originally it was made of 1×2 but we’re building it out with 2×2. We figure it will give it a little more strength and some rood for extra insulation. Here’s some picture after the fourth day …

The end of day 3

They finished up Friday around 4pm and this is where it stands. Two days to go, it is all supposed to be finished Tuesday. They finished the second wall today and what’s left for next week is the top wall, stairs and the ends of the first two after they …

The end of day 2

We are really pleased with how this is coming out. The first of the three terraces is coming together and the first set of stairs is in.  The top cap goes on last which should really dress it all up and give it a nice finished look. We got the …

The end of day 1

Here’s the progress at the end of day 1.  (and some from during the day) No real surprises other than a little confusion about where the walls are going and breaking the septic line. Both were fixed quickly.  Exciting stuff.